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1. Many Companies offer me Bulk Sms 5- 10 Paise Per Sms, How Do they Provide sms service at Low Price?

Beware about these bulk sms service. Actually operators(voda, airtel) charge approximately 11 to 13 paisa + service tax Per sms. Then how will they give you at 8 paisa per sms. They have very simple calculation. They can not deliver approximately 30% - 40% sms but report will show delivered. This technology is called “sms cutting”, or partial sms Submission.

2. What is the Maximum Character of the SMS?

As per international rule, 160 characters(including space) = 1 sms. If your text is greater than 160 characters, then first message takes 160 characters and Next message holds 153 characters. 7 characters hold information for joining. Ex: if 500 Charecters message 160 +153+153+34 = 500 Therefore, 4 messages will be counted .

3. What Is Senderid

Sender Id is combination of 6 characters ( A-Z), Sender Id is also identification of a organization. Like VK-RIGHTC, Sender Id is after hyphen. When you send message through web panel, sms will send with the sender Id to identify your messages.